This week’s Innovation Report includes creating a copy of Obama footage.


Ticketmaster will Use Ultrasonic Audio To Track Ticket Holders Entering Venues

  • Ticket holders benefit from faster entry, while Ticketmaster can track listeners to reduce ticket fraud
  • The technology will roll-out globally over next 4 years; Ticketmaster will also be able to track location of users



Artificial Intelligence

Google Is Donating $806k to the U.K. Press Association To Use AI In Writing News

  • The PA, which provides news to major media outlets in the U.K. will produce 30,000 articles a month with AI help
  • Human writers will create detailed story templates then an AI tool will fill in the blanks & localize each article



Yale Biologists Created Dye To Study Cells & Lipids In Cells For Over 10 Minutes

  • Previously, dyes would bind to proteins only last several seconds when staining cells for view under microscopes
  • The new dye enables scientists to create 3D images of cells by binding to lipids surrounding cellular organelles




AltSchool In San Francisco Tailors Online Learning Module To Each Child

  • Teachers monitor independent learning on computers & student behavior via cameras inside classrooms
  • AltSchool has educators on staff to interpret data gathered on each student to improve its algorithms


Norway Will Ban Use Of Oil Or Paraffin To Heat Buildings By 2020

  • The Scandinavian country is currently the world’s largest producer of oil & natural gas outside the Middle East
  • Norway’s environmental ministry says the plan will cut greenhouse emissions by 340,000 tonnes per year

Dandelion, Google X Spinoff, Make Geothermal Systems Affordable & Simple

  • The Dandelion project aims to make non-polluting geothermal systems accessible to normal landowners
  • It’s now accepting inquiries from interested homeowners, starting with those located in upstate New York



Scientists Create Superconductor Film Made Of Nanowires & Plastic Fibers

  • It’s is pliable, adaptable, has density of 0.05 g/m³ & weighs 100X less than a conventional superconductor
  • The team at Saarland University says it’s cheaper to produce than conventional superconducting materials



Panoptic Studio Created By Carnegie Mellon Tracks Multiple Bodies In Real Time

  • The dome uses 480 VGA cameras, 31 HD cameras & 10 Kinect sensors to track & understand body language
  • The system can be used to decode body language of autistic people or recognize conflict between people



Real Estate

11.2% Of Americans Moved Homes From 2015 To 2016, Lowest Rate Since 1948

  • Millienials aged 25-35 move at the lowest rate in 50 years, compared to previous generations of the same age
  • Demographers have found mobility is declining across the industrialized world for people aged 25-30



Carnegie Mellon Lab Robot Uses Cheap, Transparent Skin To Sense & Interact With Flowers

  • The Fingervision system uses 3D-printed robotic grippers, a silicone wrap & a $50 camera to sense objects
  • Dots on the skin measured by the camera allow any industrial robot to approximate a sense of touch



New Anti-Counterfeiting Method Uses Atomic Scale IDs To Ensure Technology Is Genuine

  • Scientists use imperfections in 2D materials like graphene to create foolproof “fingerprints” of objects
  • A smartphone App matches the 2D tag (a kind of QR code) with a manufacturer’s database to check its authenticity