Innovation Report 13

Apple Developer Conference 2017, Walmart’s Future & Health Optimization

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In this week’s Innovation Report, we cover:
– Microsoft Plans To Operate A DNA Based Data Storage System By 2020
– U.K. Airport Uses 2,000 Bluetooth Beacons To Guide Travelers Through Airport
– The New DJI Spark Takes HD Video, 12 Megapixel Photos; Available For $499
– Japan Will Finalize Plans In June To Allow Drone Package Delivery By 2020
– World Economic Forum Says Retirees Should Wait Until 70 To Stop Working
– Using Salt & Fresh Water Cell Scientists Produced 12.6 Watts Per Square Meter
– Beyond Meat’s Plant Based Burger Is Available in 280 Safeways In The U.S.
– Silicon Valley Doctor Offers Health Optimization Using 170 Chemical Biomarkers
– MIT Researchers Created Self-Folding Pasta Using 3D Printed Gelatin Film
– Israeli Court Says Emojis Can Signal Intent In Legal Communications
– Snapchat Works With Traditional TV To Create 3-5 Minute “Snapchat Shows”
– In 2016, L’Oréal Invested $900 Million In EpiSkin To Develop Tissue For Testing
– UC San Diego Researchers Created 1st Stretchable Printed Rechargeable Battery
– T-mobile unveils digits service to sync several devices to 1 phone number
– Intel Unveils Core X-Series Line Of i5, i7, i9 Processors With Up To 18-Cores
– Andy Rubin’s ‘Essential Phone’ Is Available For Pre-Order For $699 Unlocked
– Monkey Brains Show Social Observation Activity Only Thought To Be Human
– Walmart Evisions The Future Of Retail
– Berkley Lab Created Grasping Robot That Practiced With Virtual 3D Objects
– Forward Lab’s Solar Roof: 33% Cheaper Than Tesla’s, 50% Faster To Install
– Lowering Battery Costs Mean Electric Will Be Cheaper Than Gas Vehicles By 2025

Created by Najeeb Khan