Innovation Report 11

Autonomous Car Traffic, Microsoft Emma Watch & Robots Averting Fallsy

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In this week’s FULL Innovation Report, we cover:
-Microsoft’s Emma Watch Reducing Parkinson’s Tremors
– Target Trials Next Day Delivery
– Amazon Will Sell Furniture
– Robotic Device For Elderly
– Robots Learn From Other Robots
– Delta Airlines Will Test Facial Recognition For Bag Drop Offs
– Bioprosthetic Ovary Created Using 3D Printed Scaffold
– 1 Autonomous Car Is Enough To Clear Up Traffic Jam
– AI Scans news articles to predict stock market movement
– Stanford Created 1st System To Manage Amount Of Drug In The Body in Real Time
– 1st Biological Supercapacitor Can Use Electrolytes To Charge Pacemakers
– Hewlett-Packard Unveiled 160TB Computer – Islet Cell Transplant Produced Insulin in Type-1 Diabetic woman for 1 year
– ND’s Grand Sky Becomes First in U.S. Approved For Commercial BVLOS Drone Flights
– New Wave Swell Energy Device Generates Electricity For Cost Of Coal
– The World’s Largest Wind Turbines Have Started Generating Power in England

Created, Edited & Produced by Najeeb Khan