Innovation Report 14

Dubai Robot Cop, Future of Farming, Dutch Train Energy

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In this week’s FULL Innovation Report, we cover:
-Google Will Now Access 70% Of Card Purchases To Track Effectiveness Of Ads
-For 1st Time, Stem Cells Were Converted Into Self-Replenishing Blood Cells
-Amazon Patent Approved For Built-In Parachute For Drone Package Delivery
-Top Earning Female Executives Earned More Than Men In 6 Of 7 Past Years -Climeworks In Switzerland Absorbs Ambient CO2 From Air To Create Fertilizer
-100% Of Dutch Trains Run On Renewable Energy, Mainly Wind Power
-Renewable Energy Capacity Installed Worldwide In 2016 Was 161GW, 10% Increase
-DIY YouTuber Created Hologrpahic Cortana Assistant Using 3D Printed Parts
-British Inventor Shows Off Flying Iron Man Suit After TEDx Talk In Glasgow
-Scientists Replaced Large Stretches of Salmonella Genome With Synthetic DNA
-Meta-Analysis Of 80,000 People Has Identified 40 Genes Affecting Intelligence
-IBM Can Fit 30 Billion Transistors Into 5nm Chip Using New Manufacturing Processes
-Dubai’s new police is a robot
-Autonomous Machines Are Used By Taylor Farms To Solve 20% Labor Shortage
-China Opened Largest Floating Solar Farm With 40 Megawatts Capacity
-SpaceX Launched Spacecraft With Reused Dragon Capsule To Resupply ISS

Created, Edited & Produced by Najeeb Khan