Innovation Report 15

Refugee Blockchain IDs, McDonald’s Snapplications & Visa Hand Credit Card

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In this week’s Innovation Report, we cover:
– McDonald’s Advertises On Snapchat To Recruit Employees For The Summer
– Facebook AI Creates Its Own Language
– Japanese Shipping Companies Will Launch Cargo Ships Led By AI By 2025
– An AI Predicted Which Bipolar Patients Would Be Helped By Lithium 100% Of Time
– Carnegie Mellon Created Drone System That Auto-Corrects Flight In Real-Time
– In 2013 A Pound Of Lab-Grown Meat Costed $1.2M Now It Would Cost $6000
– A Fluorescent Solution Can Differentiate Whiskeys Based On Brand, Age & Blend
– Hawaii Passes A Bill To Support Universal Basic Income – Machine Learning
– AI Algorithm Predicted Suicide With 80-90% Accuracy In Trial Of 5,000 Patients
– Deep-Learning Analysis Of CT Scans Was Proven To Predict Longevity Of Patients
– Katy Perry Is Livestreaming As A Promo For Her Album ‘Witness’
– Visa Unveiled Sticker Capable Of Purchasing Items With Simple Hand Wave
– Amazon buys Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion
– Softbank Acquired Boston Robotics & Schaft, Both Legged Robot Companies

Created by Najeeb Khan