Innovation Report 10

Tesla Solar Roof Sales, Rebrands & 3D Printed Cartilage

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In this week’s Innovation Report, we cover:

-SMART Stem Cells
-Hidden diseases under melting ice
-3D Printed Cartilage Tissue
-Apple acquiring Beddit
-Robots can sense deviations
-Snakbot to help bomb squads
-Robots outperform humans in surgery
-Drones crashes to fly autonomously rebrands to Dotdash
-Hulu Live TV is released
-Abuzz app tracks mosquitos
-Flling drones
-Amazon’s Echo Show
-Google acquiring Owlchemy Labs
-’Light phone’ starts preorder
-Ticketmaster seat preview
-Walmart’s IoT patent
-Atlanta commits to 100% renewable energy
-Tesla Solar Roof Pre-orders

Created by Najeeb Khan