Innovation Report 12

Toyota’s Blockchain Based Car, Robot Picking Apples, & Real Time Drug Monitoring

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In this week’s Innovation Report, we cover:
– MIT Self-Assembly Lab Used Algae Gel To 3D-Print Objects In Several Minutes
– Stanford Created 1st System To Manage Amount Of Drug In The Body in Real Time
– Sperm Stored In Space For 9 Months Under Radiation Produced Healthy Mice
– MIT Videography Drone Is Capable Of Object Tracking & Obstacle Avoidance
– Technology Companies Fight “Right To Repair” Bills In New York & Nebraska
– MIT Created Microbe-Infused Fabric With Flaps Which Open Or Close With Sweat
– New Bullet-Stopping Material Is 75% Lighter Than Standard Military Body Armor
– Medium Subscribers Now Get Audio Recordings Of Top Stories On The Site
– China Collected DNA From 40 Million People; Largest Database In The World
– Mid-Size Japanese Companies Plan To Raise Investment In Automation 17.5%
– Abundant Robotics Built Robotic Apple Picker; Coming To Washington State
– EV sales in California are up 91% from last year in 1st quarter of 2017
– Toyota Prototypes Ethereum Blockchain Based Car Sharing Uber Alternative

Created by Najeeb Khan